What's the Compulsory Product Certification System?

  Compulsory Product Certification System (hereinafter referred to as CPCS) is a Product Conformity Assessment System applied by governments according to laws and regulations, requiring that products must be in accordance with national standards and technical regulations, for the health of human and animals and the safety of environments and State.

  Any product in List of Products Subject to CCC Mark can't be imported, sold or used for commercial services, unless certificated by a certification body designated and put on the certification mark according to relevant rules.

  CPCS has its unique efforts on and advantages in promoting the implement of various national technical regulations and standards, rectifying economic order of market combating infringements and counterfeiting, enhancing management of product quality and protecting customer rights. For its science and justness, certification system has been adopted by most countries. For the countries of market economic system, using CPCS as product market access system is internationally accepted.